Arcane Riot Toy

This gadget began life as a Creatoy Animal Train toy. The Creatoy electronic toys are great to bend. The sounds are FM analog, so the chicken sounds like a crying baby in hell, the sheep sounds like a crying baby in hell, etc...

I painted this one up with Hammerite's new spray paints, making that hammered-metal-look without the goopy mess that I used to have to clean up after the canned version. I love it!

The name came from anagramming "creatoy animal train." I have found web anagrammers to be invaluable for naming gadgets...

This has a glitch switch that crashes (in a really interesting way—listen below) whatever sound is triggered from the keyboard or the funny animals-in-vehicles buttons. And, of course, I added a power-cut switch for when it fails to respond, which is often. I've found that this gadget is somewhat cantankerous—it doesn't want to behave as it should, and it is difficult to extract the really good electronic crashy sounds from it during performance...

Then, the three acorn nuts are human contact resistance points, left slow and center slow, right and center fast, all three kinda in-between with distortion. Neat-O!

I plan to insert a picture of my son as the train engineer into the little window square when I can get him to slow down, wear a train engineer hat, and pose...

Here's the back of the thing.

This is what the original toy looked like.

Here's where I did the bends. Vary to your personal specs.

Completed: Sometime in mid 04
Dimensions: 10.25" x 5.75"
Current Status:

Gathering dust (but looking pretty) on my shelf, among other electronic detritus...

Audio Bits:

ArcaneRiot01.mp3 A nice example of the tonal crash.
ArcaneRiot07.mp3 Distorted animal screams and data crash.
ArcaneRiot10.mp3 More distortion and digital flatulence.
ArcaneRiot14.mp3 A really nice example of data crash.