The Beat Benders Series: Dreck

This Beat Bender began its life as a Wild Planet "Shrek 2" Beat Blender. Ugh.

The loops are pretty cool (minus the occasional Eddie Murphy/Donkey voice bits), and a more involved description can be found here, with the other Beat Bender, Bling Bling.


I do like the way this one came out, but the flourescent green paintjob, unfortunately, tends to want to peel off in places, so it is un-sellable. It remains as part of my collection, and is played with frequently by my 2.5 year-old son Fineas.

The back of the Dreck Beat Bender. Nice spots.

Completed: 12/18/04
Dimensions: Appx. 6" long
Current Status:

Sitting being ugly and cantankerous on my shelves at home.

Audio Bits:

Sounds coming soon...