Cheap Chinese Electronic Cards—Really Dumb Bends

These cards are a very simple but effective bend, and make great gifts.


V-Card. Lovingly made for dAs (big city orchestra) some years ago. This was the inspiration for Ninah Pixie (bco) to make her Women Take Back The Noise circuit bent noise cookie compilation: a 1000 piece handmade 3 CD comp which included a circuit bent card module instrument I helped design.

B-Card. I made this for my good friend Fausto Caceres of Shirley & Spinoza internet radio before he left for many months to Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur, China.

JB-Card. I made this one for my friend John Beery, an artist, sculptor, humanist, and all around great guy.

AB-Card was made for my long-time friend and amazing artist/photographer Andrew Reitsma.