BentFest07 at Velaslavasay Panorama in Los Angeles

This was an odd show. For me at least.

This was the Bent07 LA show at Velaslavasay Panorama, an amazing venue. Part of the Bent Festival 2007 which took place in LA April 12th to April 14th, in Minnesota from April 19th to April 21st and NY April 26th thru 28th.

All was going great for me with setup and sound check, even just up to when I was about to play. I reached out to turn up the master on my mixer to verify sound was up in the house, and the slider knob vanished from my grasp, followed immediately by a crash. Ugh. The "table" had collapsed, on stage, right as I was about to perform. You see, my table was an old ironing board I had found and painted up nice to use as a performance surface, and had used it at other shows and it had not given me any trouble. But, this time I decided to try a new technique to lock the legs up, which, as it turned out, didn't work so well.

There is video of the crash that I shot, its pretty hilarious, and the expression on my face is priceless. I'll post it sometime on the 'tubes so you too can revel in my pain.

This picture to the left is the only photo I have found on the webs of the show. It was taken from a camera phone and shows a befezzed me (obscured by a head) playing on the stage (literally).

I ended up pulling together a pretty decent (if not more angry than I had planned) performance, in spite of the crash. Although one of my instruments (the TubbyBox Dipsy) failed to work. I found later that the fall had dislodged the internal power connector from the battery holder. Ugh.

Here's a pic of my table full o' gadgets (backstage):
They are, from left: TubbyBox Dipsy (broken merely minutes later), Chanter (above), SolidGold MeatBox (below), Henry's Tit (above), Easy (below), & Blue Kaoss (plus mixer, MiniDisc recorder, etc). I also used OneHandJam prototype (not shown).

Here's the full show, in its rancorous glory, for your displeasure: univac_BentFest07_LA.mp3 20:56