The Demonic Relic, ancient construction rites

Take one of these (above and below).

Give it some beer at Noc Noc (Lower Haight, SF), Paul-->

Skull guts.

Below the painting process. I stripped out all the old rubber teeth, then painted a few base coats of red alternating with hammerite silver. After rough sanding, I applied several layers of Sophisticated Finishes Instant Rust, drying, applying more paint, and sanding in between.

After the rough sanding, I dremeled out the teeth area, making a flat space to fill with plumbers putty for a solid base to mount the base screws of the punk rock spike teeth.


Pretty scary teeth.

After the punk rock spikes were mounted I gave the whole thing one more rusting to make a nice uniform patina.

The panel the skull is mounted on is a plastic cutting board that ended up working great for holding rusted texture.
Below is the speaker grille and pitch control switch.

For weathering the case I sprayed Super 77 adhesive and rolled and scraped the box in the dirt. After a few layers of this I lightly spray shellacked to keep some of the dirt from falling off over time and keep that "just exhumed" look.

Secret message under the mounting board that Paul will find when he changes batteries (middle). It was very difficult engineering to get all the bits to fit into such a small space. I had to cut a hole in the base for the jaw's counter lever to be able to rock in and out.

Pretty much finished, with the exception of the large metal human contact resistance horns and a final layer of rust.

A nice sample of the interior texture patina, inside the lid.