Evil lives within this toy guitar. It speaks with the happy voice of Elmo, and sings exultant songs of Sesame Street. And evil.

This awful thing was haunting the minds, carpets, and ears of RobotSpeak in SF, and Steve (one of the owners) handed it to me in disgust, saying, "Get this goddamn thing away from me!" He then, without looking me in the eye, mumbled something about evil, circuit bending, nightmares, and beer. I then watched him leave for the bar across the street as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders...

I understood...

This is the evil monstrosity I was able to create from the evil...um...monstrosity. A cute red one, at that. I added two optical resistors in the nubs where the "pegs" are, and drilled Elmo's eyes out to replace them with red LEDs that flash in sync with the sound output. It now sounds much better than the evil it once spewed. Really slow to really fast.

It now resides safely behind glass at RobotSpeak, used frequently to frighten away the crack-heads, nutters, and wannabe electronic musicians who tumble down the stairs from Haight Street.

The back of the packaging, and below.

Evil has a new address. Or an old address. I've been there once or twice...

Completed: 8/14/05
Dimensions: Something like 8" long (box), and 6" long (guitar)
Current Status:

Peering out from behind safety glass at RobotSpeak, waiting until the ecstatic day Evilmo sinks his fangs deep into your throat.

Audio Bits:

Evilmo01.mp3 Don't listen to this. You will become Evilmo's minion if you do...
Evilmo02.mp3 Don't say I didn't warn you. Just try to stop singing his evil song now. You belong to Evilmo.