Fib Friend

This gadget began its life as the electronic portion of a really terrible truth or dare girls game called Fib Finder, where some of the questions on the cards are: "Would you like it if a boy sent you flowers?", "Did you ever tell a secret you promised to keep?", "Do you have a crush on anyone?", "Have you ever been kissed by someone real cute?", or "Have you ever passed gas in an elevator?" Hmmm. That last one is a little risque...hee-hee-heee....

Sounds like fun for those would-be budding young girl Senator McCarthys out there..."Have you ever, or do you plan to engage in oral stimulation?"

These people apparently think it's real the little girl's comments at the bottom. Priceless.

Anyway, it just makes some pretty lame high boop-boop sound, so I decided to see how ridiculous could I make it. I was able to add two optical pitch resistors (one, inside the case, is there just to get it into a state which allows the second one, inserted above the LEDs to control the pitch to really slowww), and a pot that speeds it up a bit. If I were to do this again, I'd remove the pot, as it is pretty much redundant. Now it sounds almost like an analog synth, when slowed way down and controlled optically.

I really liked the transparent glitter case it was in, so I didn't change that. Just re-routed the on/off switch to a toggle near the pot and added a mini-jack output.



The guts.

Completed: Sometime in early '04
Dimensions: 7" x 4"
Current Status:

Also gathering dust (and telling lots of lies to my friends) among kindred electronic detritus on my shelf.

Audio Bits:

FibFriend03.mp3 Going from real fast (or normal speed) to reallll slowwww.
FibFriend09.mp3 An example of using a blinkyblinky LED ring as an optical sequencer.
FibFriend13.mp3 Another optical resistor journey.