TinyFlaccid TubbyBox: HellTinky

This TubbyBox started life as a Microsoft/ActiMates Interactive Teletubby TinkyWinky, a fairly advanced kid's toy.
Similar to Po.

This is the fourth of a series of TubbyBoxes I'm building, a series that will total 12 (3 variations of each of the 4 Teletubbies) and each will feature a unique casing.

I based this one on Pinhead from Hellraiser, with switches instead of pins. This was a great decision as it was much easier to finish than the other 3 TubbyBoxes. Most time was spent fitting the screen and electronic guts nicely into another enclosure. With this one, I just soldered the wires onto the necessary areas of the board, drilled holes in the face, installed appropriate switches, hooked it up, then sewed the back of the head back together. Easy...

See some of the other TubbyBoxes for more description (they are essentially electronically the same, just the enclosures differ) and Po for sounds.

Ah, so happy! So painful...


Uh Oh! I'm inside-out!

No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.
Now it's time to play!

Completed: 7/15/07
Dimensions: 19" Long (Tubby Triangle to Tubby Toes) x 12" (Tubby Hug)
Current Status:

Waiting patiently to debut at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, where it will be played as part of the TubbyBoxTet, 9/06/07

Audio Bits:

Soon to come...Very similar to Po but have their own distinct flavor as the voice is slightly different.