Henry's Tit

This is an odd one.

This started its life as a "The Learning Journey" electronic interactive learning "book" called, simply, Henry. Your standard push the letter or number, get the corresponding alphanumeric audio, plus several "games" that say words that start with those letters and some number games with a beautiful lo-bit female voice.

The odd thing about it is the bas relief hippo on the cover of the toy. The artist who sculpted it not only chose to give the hippo anthropomorphic breasts, but also to give the left one a nipple! Hippos do not have nipples/udders like humans do, on their chests, but between their hind legs, like a cow. And this, a human nippled breast on a kid's toy, was approved by whoever approves these things. Hippos gone wild, indeed!

I added 2 optical resistors, one for pitch and one for a kind of variation in the glitchiness. A 3 position toggle is center=normal, left=left optical, right=left+right opticals. There is a reset button as well as a 1/8" output on the side back near the hinge.

A blue hammerite paintjob finished it off nicely.

This is a fun, simple and versatile little circuit bent gadget that makes nice noisescapes, long glitchy run-ons and word sample salads.

"Look at my tit!"



Dimensions: 12" wide, 7" high
Current Status: Secretly rubbing private bits with the TinyFlaccid TubbyBoxes

AudioVisual Bits:

Henry's Tit was played in this show, The Univac Index, Live @ RobotSpeak, SF 4/1/11 as well as many others. I'll try to dig those up too.