TinyFlaccid TubbyBox: LAla

This TubbyBox started life as a Microsoft/ActiMates Interactive Teletubby LaLa, a fairly advanced kid's toy.
Similar to Po.

This is the first of a series of TubbyBoxes I'm building, a series that will total 12 (3 variations of each of the 4 Teletubbies) and each will feature a unique casing.

I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out. The Tubby head is mounted on the gadget's transport box, which began its life as a Beanie Baby display case from the Container Store. I painted it yellow, stenciled the dots on, then bolted the severed Tubby head on.

It has the option of either arms tucked in or pulled out, in a helpless/what-me-worry? gesture

The improvements I have made over Po: Bottom switch is power. Sound is triggered either by pushing on the LED matrix display screen itself (the "television" in the teletubby's tummy, which advances thru the different "games") or pushing the buttons on the sides (these equate to the hand and feet buttons of the original toy, which advance play within each "game"), and glitch is initiated by the second switch from the bottom. Then, the 2 rows of 5 SPDT switches (each of which have 3 positions: center is neutral (off) and up & down glitch) cause the machine to spew ridiculous amounts of glitchy goodness. The switches are additive and somewhat random: depending on the status of the sound coming out, a flick of a switch may do nothing, but a second later, the same switch may change the sound in an unexpected way.

The cool thing is when the switches are thrown and the sound meanders and stutters through its glitches the display freaks out in very interesting and abstract ways. And, in a certain setting (not sure what the pattern of switches needs to be) your touch on the switches freaks out the display even more. Neat!!!


LAla gadget in its (her? his?) transport box.


There are velcro straps inside the box to hold the gadget in place while transporting.



Completed: 3/19/06
Dimensions: 5" high x 4" x 4" (Transport Box is appx 12" including severed Tubby head)
Current Status:

Happily wrapped in pretty cloth.

Audio Bits:

Soon to come...Very similar to Po but have their own distinct flavor as the voice is slightly different.