Nice Cube of White Noise -- Construction
Start with one of these: A Talking Spell & Learn.
I pulled out its guts and added a few extras: optical resitor, DPDT switch, a couple of loose wires for the human contact resistance points, and a1/8" output.
I took a clear acrylic box, masked out the areas for display and optical resitor, and painted it white on the inside. Had to cut notches in the box near the top to fit the circuit board and display assembly, trimmed off some excess display bezel and painted it white.
Note the speaker in the bottom of the box. When finished it faced down, pumping sound out of a grid of drilled holes on the bottom, the gadget slightly elevated by rounded rubber feet.
Also note the silver cap, ultimately epoxied onto the outside of the gadget as the touch interface points.
Some of the funny gibberish generated by the gadget in its newly modified form. Note the battery case now attached inside, epoxied onto the top of the speaker.
What I am doing to this poor toy is wrong...WRONG I tell you!!!