More gratuitous shots of Opera Daisy—Anti-Matter

The back of the box.

A closer shot of the back.

So, this is how I came up with the name "Opera Daisy." The original toy was called the "Battery Operated Dancing Daisy." By masking off the right bits, I came up with Opera Daisy. Neat!

Detail of the "Operation Instructions." I masked off parts of the original text on the box to create a new set of instructions. Also note: The seemingly random characters near the top of this image spell out "ANTIMATTER"

This is the "secret" message on the inside of the pot.

And, continuing the message...It's hard to write on the inside of a curving surface!

A shot showing the back of the gadget. And, my signature stencil.

This is the instruction card I included in the box with the Gadget. The outside is hematite-colored silver paper with silver dots and "univac" stenciled on it.

Here are the Instructions for Mis-Use. Read them carefully....

This is my son, Fineas Ivan Buckminster Koch. At 2, he's showing lots of potential, not only for performing with gadgets, but also with circuitbending. He loves to play in my studio while I am working and I give him some gadgets to play with and lots of audio cables and connectors. Fun for hours! He has even figured out XLR cables! I know adult musicians who still have trouble with them.