Opera Daisy, Iteration the Sixth—Waste

Waste is the Sixth in the Opera Daisy series, and will be the last one for now. I haven't been able to locate more of the raw Dancing Daisies (if you have a line on some, let me know. Email is at the bottom of the Gadget home page), so until I can collect a few more, this edition will end here. I built this one to sell at RobotSpeak in SF, like this one that has already sold, and this one which I built simultaneously with Waste.

You can contact RobotSpeak if you are interested in purchasing it, or go to the store and give it a test drive if you are in the Bay Area.
Lot's of Noisy Goodness.
And, apparently people are asking at RobotSpeak, "What's with the thing with the sex toy on it?", so you could always work that angle if you are so inclined...

Update: It has been purchased by a band called "TV on the Radio." Neat. If you are them, and you're reading this, contact me!


This is a fun one. I wanted to try some actual "color" in this version, so I used flourescent green (as in radioactive waste). I really think it turned out great.

It also has the technical upgrades that Rust has, including a green LED near the 1/4" output jack that pulses to the vomiting audio stream, and the center position of the toggle switch is power off (and mute).

Here's what Waste looks like in it's box. The flourescent green I used is amazing, and looks really incredible under black light.


And, here are more gratuitous detail shots for you gluttons out there. You know who you are.

Completed: 10/24/04
Dimensions: Appx. 12" high
Current Status:

Waste was sitting and emitting its mild radioactivity into the gonads of all who view it at RobotSpeak. Now it has sterilized all the members of "TV on the Radio!" Happy?

Audio Bits:

Pretty much the same as the samples here or here, the other Opera Daisies.