More gratuitous shots of Opera Daisy 6—Waste

I'm going to suck you.



A detail of the back of the box.

You can see masked off between "NOTE" and "OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS" the word "W A S T E", altho I couldn't find a "W" so I had to use a capital "M" turned upside down.


This "warning" was on the sides of the box of only this one, but not the others. The boxes otherwise are identical. Why this is on this one, and not the other, is a mystery. I moved the "NOT" to after "SHOULD" (obviously...) to make it make more sense.

You can also see here that to get the bright green of the relatively transparent green paint to show up I had to first spray white primer (with the perforated metal stencil I use for the dots) then spray the green. Well, the white and green paints conflicted and made some interesting peely green paint dots...neat-o!


No Copyright.

I modified "Made in China" to Made in C A"

The back of the gadget with the stenciled univac.

Here are the Instructions for Mis-Use. Read them carefully....

Here's what the other side of the instructions looks like.
It is spraypainted with green dots
and a black univac stencil on silvery paper.