One Hand Jam series

These once were kid's guitars called One Man Jam by a company called MGA. They're really fun, with built-in cheezy Hip Hop and rockin' Rock sounds that are triggered via pads (the large round thing divided into 4 buttons), keyboard, and 6 "string" buttons on the neck. The guitar also has volume/power, pitch control, and a mini-jack speaker-defeating output.

I added a 1meg pot for wide-range pitch control (goes down realllll slow), human contact resistance punk-rock spikes for pitch up-up and slow-slow, a distortion switch, and a lo-bit switch (which kinda acts like a hi-pass filter/distortion which crunches out the sound in a very interesting way. I also added a switched optical resistor which can be controlled either via a blinky-blinky LED or the LED I added on a flexible shaft (here's where the name comes from: with the attached LED the guitar plays itself, "one hand jamming" (the sheer amount of euphemisms for male masturbation is astounding!)). The LED flashes with the sound output. The LED on a shaft also works as a kind of Optical Whammy by waving it over the optical resistor while playing. Wacko!

Click here to see my bends mapped out. Click here to see a guide of how to play this beast.

The prototype.

The sparkly disco gold Version 02.

Version 03, similar to the prototype but featuring a
rockin' glitter paintjob. Yowza!

Version 04 The last of the short series, and my favorite. This one I keep at home to jam out with at shows when the audience needs to rock!

The labels. The original on the top and my modifed one on the bottom. Subtle image manipulation makes a power jammer into a masturbating geek.