One Hand Jam Prototype

Some views of the completed Prototype. In this one I put a UV LED into the flexible shaft.

Those spikes are dangerous!


This one is now owned by spinning-mad scientist Dr Bleep!
Go and buy his Thingamagoops! Fun!!!

The raw guitar . This is the grey body version. There is also a black version, which became the lovely sparkly gold 02 version.


The guitar explodes.

Completed: 7/21/06
Dimensions: Appx. 28" long
Current Status:

Hopefully helping Dr. Bleep rock out with his cock out (but not in public).

Audio Bits:

OneHandLobitDist.mp3 A good example of playing the gadget with the LoBit distortion on. [0:32]
OneHandLoBitLoop02.mp3 A great LoBit loop. [0:20]
OneHandLoBit.mp3 Grainy grunchy good(bad)ness. [0:23]
OneHandOptLoBitEnd.mp3 Optical Resistors, ON! With LoBit at end. [0:38]
OneHandReg2Slo.mp3 Normal to Slowwwwww. [0:45]
OneHandSpacr.mp3 Space out with your face out, man... [0:18]