TinyFlaccid Po, eviscerated.

For your viewing displeasure, the violent evisceration of a child's dream-thing. I wonder if the real Teletubbies have white fluffy blood?

Click on poor Po to view.

Here's a movie of in-bend stage. I initially used a capacitance substitution box to search for interesting bends. But, I ended up finding all the good bends without capacitors, just wired up. Also, many of the bends were redundant. Click on image to view movie.

Detail on the lid assembly. I had to cut a T-shaped hole to fit the two-part circuit board with the screen on top of the box lid. The other part had to fit thru the slot, leaving room for the ribbon cable.

The Bends. Most of the chips were custom Microsoft chips. I bet someone more industrious than I could do some really cool things with this. It's a very advanced toy...

The M$ label.
You see what I did to your toy, Bill? Huh?
Whaddaya gonna do about it?

Showing the prototyping box I use for laying out switch arrays.