Univac live at RobotSpeak Session 2.5, January 26th, 2005
Univac carefully manipulating the delicate leaves of Opera Daisy: Matter.

Gadzooks! Gadgetry! I used:

Blue Pop Tragedy, Evil Cube of Black Noise, Nice Cube of White Noise, Blue Kaoss, Opera Daisy: Matter (controlled by being hooked up via outboard optical resistors attached to the surface of a scrolling LED sign displaying some original UNIVAC code), and a PowerBook running The Jibberizer, a great custom MaxMSP loopy/cutup patch made by my bandmate Index.


A audience-side shot of the gear/gadgetry. You can see the LED sign here (but with a slow shutter, all the LEDs look lit up).

Waiting patiently...for the madness to begin.

[twiddle twiddle...]

A shot during the performance. The visuals are a DVD I created by photographing the beautiful mylar-traces of the guts of an Apple keyboard, cleaning them up in photoshop, then inversing some of them. I ended up with 200 images which I assembled in iMovie to make a stutter-cut flicker-video as backdrop. You can see them in action in the quicktimes below.

First movie, shot by Index, 9.24Mb

Second movie, shot by Index, 9.3Mb

Third movie shot by Skot & J.C., 21.7Mb

Gentle, gentle. In addition to the UNIVAC code controlling the Opera Daisy, I can reach under the leaves and touch the bottom of the leaf-mounted optical resistors, adding my own body's electrical field to the madness.

Well, fuck you too! (Index on left, Gustavo Pastre on right).
The flyer for the show.

Here you will find the show, broken up into easily digestible chunks. The whole performance was 22minutes. Enjoy.

01 Intercourse with Concrete (Is No Longer Taboo) [3:18]
02 Breast Implant Pinball [4:42]
03 Hiding From Mother, Breaking Your
Toys [3:35]
04 Life Price Ticker (NYSE-SYM-FILE) [2:19]
05 Plastac [5:32]


Thanks to Todd Kumat (of RobotSpeak), Index, Kim Knight, J.C, and Skot for the pix/moov.