Super Ear Blaster

This was one of those generic chinese drum machine thingees, the kind that shares its guts with 1000s of other toys, but the external plastics change depending on who does the packaging.

I really like this version of the drum toy because it has pretty lights and sounds great when bent. Very Aphex Twin.

It also has dog and frog sounds...

This one has two optical resistors for optical sequencing and pitch control that are switchable "on" and has pot control for making it go realllyyy slowwww...
I also did a metallic blue with silver splatter paintjob which turned out kinda cool.

The back...

GUTS! below, and the raw "Blaster Super Gear"

Completed: 8/21/04
Dimensions: 6" wide by 4" high
Current Status:

Freaking out my neighbors late at nite. From a shelf. Inside my studio.

Audio Bits:

SuperEarBlaster01.mp3 Starting around normal and using the pot to pitch wayyy down.
SuperEarBlaster02.mp3 Waving my hand over the optical resistors.
SuperEarBlaster03.mp3 Using a blinkyblinky LED ring as a sequencer.