uniPet 00: Static (prototype)

This uniPet was created for Big City Orchestra's Two Nights of Noise 30th Anniversary show at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, January 31st 2010. Find a bunch of 30th Anniversary BCO vids here on Vimeo.

The 30th Anniversary show featured a great many BCO alumni members performing various tracks from BCO's long history of hundreds of releases.

This is the first version, the prototype, made for the Static Orchestra performance at Du Nord, played for the first time live on the 3 hour 30th Anniversary pre-performance show on KFJC (as seen to the right). It features a single human contact resistance point (the punk rock spike) and an optical resistor.

Here is a video of the gadget making lots of noise in my studio/garage, shortly after being bent.

It currently doesn't exist in this form any longer. After it was used for the 30th Anniversary show, I re-purposed the ball radio as the basis for uniPet 03: Silverman.

BCO's Static (Like a Heart Attack) is originally from Misterioso, the 2007 cassette release on Baked Tapes.

Rob Wortman and univac at the Cafe Du Nord, show time!

Construction shots of all the uniPets.




Dimensions: 13" high
Current Status:

Enjoying its noisily re-purposed and no doubt busy touring life as uniPet 03: Silverman, disturbing the quiet countryside of Nijmegen, Holland and unsettling the rest of Europe.

AudioVisual Bits:

You can see and hear it mixed into the Static madness here (KFJC), here at the Cafe Du Nord BCO 30th show, featuring my projected quartz composer static manipulations, and here in my studio.