uniPet 02: Do Little

I made this uniPet for my friend, SF artist Pete Doolittle.

It has 2 human resistance contact points on the head and an optical resistor on the front of the base.

The patina turned out really great, multiple layers of Sophisticated Finishes Instant Rust solutions with light sandings and additional paintings in-between. This one started its life as a green Panasonic Panapet 70 AM ball radio.

The base is a cheap palm vibrator. I added green LEDs to each of the feet in the base. They act as magic eyes like in old radio sets, glowing brighter with stronger signal and pulsing with audio volume changes.

The lighted thing on the bottom left of the photo is an LED flashy ring. The beauty of optical resistor control is that flashy LEDs become optical sequencers, each different flashy toy becoming a different sequence with different sensitivities to color and flash rate.

See below for more details of the beautiful patina.

Here is how I presented it to Pete Doolittle, wrapped in dot-stenciled bubbly cloud material.

Here's Pete playing with it for the first time, shortly after I gave it to him.
The uniPet has begun its complete dominance over Pete's mind.





Dimensions: appx 8" high
Current Status:

Giving Mr. Doolittle accurate driving advice and traffic info on the AM band, while simultaneously resonating in perfect harmony with his snakeskin covered 3 string banjo.

AudioVisual Bits:

I don't have any specific recordings of uniPet 02, but you can get a very good idea of its capabilities on an audioVisual journey with uniPet 01.