Blue KAOSS Pad  

These are not circuit bending gadgets per-se but are more electronic aesthetic modifications. I'll let you argue the semantics.

I hated the ugly orange LEDs in my KAOSS pad, but I love the compact flexibility of these incredible effect boxes, so I took it apart and replaced the smaller-than-rice-grain sized surface-mount orange LEDs with equivalent blue LEDs. Much cooler.

And, this KAOSS pad is one of the rare clear ones (found at damn Guitar Center, on blowout, even!), so it looks even more keen during performance. Neat-O!

I was thinking of adding some EL wire around the inside of the casing to give it that super-dope lo-rider look. Hmmm.

This is the first one I modified with blue LEDs (with some help from my electronix guru Rich Humphrey (his webBit at ccrma) because I had never soldered such a tinytiny item before!)

It turned out really cool, but then I found the clear one above, and this one was out-cooled immediately after I replaced the orange LEDs with blue ones in the clear pad.

This one is now for sale or trade. Interested?

I have done one more for my friend Peter Conheim (Negativland, Mono Pause, Wet Gate) who regularly abuses it for his own nefarious purposes.

I'll probably do dAs' (Big City Orchestra) pair one day too if he's a good boy and eats his chicken.