Brat Head

This was a fun simple bend.
I made this gadget for Ninah Pixie of Big City Orchestra.

It started its life as a Bratz doll that said some kind of despicable Bratz doll narcissistic phrases.

I added an optical resistor 3rd eye, a glitch switch, a slow-fast switch and a reset button. Also, red LEDs light up evilly with the glitched cacophonous girl-speak coming out.

All that beautiful green-eyed head mass mounted on a glittery pink soap holder from a Japanese odd-stuff store, also a convenient place to hold the new 2xAA battery pack.

The neck is mounted on a spring which works double duty to make it into a bobble-head and provides a convenient place to run the wires for the evil-red LED eyes.

This gadget, though simple, has a fun range of vocal glitches, staccato noise and demonic sputterings.

Strangely, she kinda looks like Ninah...

Bratz, so cute and evil. Above, Bratz Gutz.



Dimensions: appx 6" high
Current Status: Using her 3rd Eye to look deeply into the chakras of Ninah's pet chimp, dAs.

AudioVisual Bits:

Here's a fun little demo Ninah produced, twiddling the BratHead until it chirped: Brat Head Movie (I love the video glitch at the beginning!)