CDamn Unit  

This gadget was made out of a children's stupid fake CD player that plays plastic disks with ridges on them. The ridges push one of 4 buttons on the inside of the unit which tells the gadget what sounds to play. The disks are labeled"Love Songs," "Christmas Carols," "Children's Songs," "Disco," and the 5th is a multi-disk that plays all the songs back to back of each genre when you press each of the four buttons. It also has a built in "STOP" button (very useful).

I added a potentiometer (with a great huge silver knob) to control the speed (sorta slow to very fast), an optical resistor under the lid (slow to fast), and a DPDT switch to select pot control or optical control. It works really great using blinky-blinky LEDs on the optical resistor as optical sequencers. There wasn't much to this board (a blob and a couple of resistors), so pitch bending was all I could do to it.

The plastic case was of a clear smoked plastic, so the optical resistor worked perfectly under the lid after a lightly painted custom paint job.

Here is the CDamn Unit with the lid open.

Note the multi-disk in the player and the optical resistor attached to the bottom of the lid.

Also, in the center spindle where the "CD" goes, there is a really bright red LED that blinks with the tempo of the music/noise. This is visible thru the clear window and can be used to optically control other gadgets that contain optical resistors.

Completed: Sometime in 2000
Dimensions: 5" x 6" x 2"
Current Status:

Sitting on my shelf, waiting patiently for someone to push its red candy-like buttons

Audio Bits:

CDamnDrummy.mp3 is what it sounds like, drummy.
CDamnLoop01.mp3 and CDamnLoop03.mp3 are good loopy examples of fast drums.
CDamnLoveSong.mp3 is an example of the cheezy love music with optical manipulation.
CDamnMisc.mp3 is a variety of the sounds with optical and pot control.