CowShark "Moo!"

This 6 foot long fiberglass CowShark was created for downtown San Jose's November 2001 SharkByte public art show, similar to the Cows on Parade of New York and Chicago.

I heard about it and submitted a proposal with my idea of making the CowShark. It was accepted and I was given the fiberglas shark and a $2000 commission to build it.

I flipped the shark over and sculpted the udders out of clay. My lovely sculptor wife, Alley, showed me how to do a plaster mold off it, then cast the udders in resin and fiberglas. I then painted it like a Jersey cow and added some electronics.

It features solar powered electronics with a motion detector that randomly triggers one of 9 different "moos" (with random time-outs) when people pass in front of it. Very funny. The amplifier was taken from a Mercedes sedan from the junkyard and the solar-powered motion detector was re-purposed from an outdoor light unit. I was helped with the building of the moo-ing logic circuit by my electronics/robotics genius-friend Richard Mortimer Humphrey.

The sponsors provided the concrete mounts and I added fake grass (with a flower) for added realism.

It now resides in Bill Baron's backyard, a real estate agent who purchased it for $1700 at the charity art auction at the end of the public art show.