The Demonic Relic

FOUND: Strange leathern case in a field in Northern Californialand, unearthed after monstrous rainstorm. Approached it carefully, noting its location near a newly revealed misty hollow in the shifting, eroded earth.
Upon grasping the icy stone-like handle, burning visions assaulted my psyche, screams held just behind my eyelids wisping smoke down my tear streaked face.
After unsuccessful testing for all-known variants of chemical, biological and radiological emissions, upon unclasping the case appears to contain a human-like skull with metallic teeth and horns, of indeterminate origin. The case also features some kind of electro-chemical-optical-galvanic control panel interface.
Based on radiological carbon-dating and crystalline spyrometric testing of scrapings and samples from the inner and outer linings of the case and control panel surface, age has been determined to be improbably anachronistically ancient, 12,000-23,000 years.
Further testing reveals the skull itself seems to consist of a previously unknown alloy and has been resistant as of yet to any cutting, scraping or compromise, so temporal sample testing has been heretofore unsuccessful.

While the power source remains unknown and still undiscovered, the device does power on and seems to function, although it is unknown as to what the actual intended function is of, as we are now calling it, The Demonic Relic. When powered on, via a large-ish toggle-like switch, strange otherworldly noises emit, cacophonic frequencies that can only be described as spiritual or demonic voices from another plane...

OK. I've run out of pseudo-scientific spiritualist-speak.

This beautifully frightening gadget was made for my friend, San Francisco paper installation artist and illustrator Paul Andrew Hayes.

It began its life as a cheezy skull-on-a-platter halloween decoration thing Paul gave me to circuit bend as a trade for some of his amazing art. It was a challenge, but I think I made it much scarier. Hide your soul! Don't open the box!

The Demonic Relic features human contact metal horns, punk rock spike teeth (its mouth opens and closes while its operating. Scary...), two optical resistors and a potentiometer for pitch bending (super fast to waaaayyyyy down for grainy, demonic bits) and a red LED in the center of the forehead (bindy!) that pulses with the awful emitting sounds. Also the jaw moves like it is talking while it exhales all that noise. All that mounted (very tightly) into a garbage-can-rescued makeup case.

See the video of The Relic in action!


The patina work was quite extensive. I used multiple layers of Sophisticated Finishes Instant Rust solutions, dirt and Spray 77 adhesive, layering and wiping and sanding until I achieved an ancient buried artifact look on both the box and skull.

See the construction shots for lots of detail. It was a hard build to engineer, fitting it all into a little makeup case.

"I want to eat your soul.'

univac presenting The Demonic Relic to Paul at (the now closed) Lower Haters art gallery, Haight Street, SF. We call him "Tall Paul" for obvious reasons. That's Paul's art in the picture to the left, just below The Relic.

He has no idea as to what he is getting into with this relic...look how afraid I am just standing next to it.



Dimensions: 6" wide, 9" deep, 6" tall on the outside, infintely dimensional on the inside
Current Status: Crooning to the alley cats in Bernal Heights, SF

AudioVisual Bits:

Here is a video demoing some of The Demonic Relic's underworldly audio gymnastics