Again, something so dumb, it hurts.

This was made for my friend John Beery for his birthday from one of the new Hallmark electronic cards. It has two human contact pitch control punk rock spikes where the Franken's spikes would be. You touch the two together and press the hidden trigger button, much noise issues.

A detail shot of the spikes.

The back. The whole thing is nicely embellished with copper dots. Minijack output on the bottom for mp3-car-adapter-listening pleasure.

Completed: 2/24/07
Dimensions: Appx. 6 " x 5.5"
Current Status:

Scaring the beejeezus out of Count Dracula.

Audio Bits:

JBCardNormal.mp3 The normal sound from the card.
JBCardSparkles.mp3 Nice sparkly slow-bit noise.
JBCardLong.mp3 Stretched out long and low.