Math Gadget Construction
  Start out with one of these...


Here are the Math guts with my modifications in blue wirewrap.


Red acrylic box (from The Container Store). In the final versions, I swapped blue and red lids.



Math primer coat of silver.
I then painted it with Hammerite, an interesting thick gooey silver paint that dries and looks like hammered steel. Very nice base texture, but I only used it on Math, not the other two. It takes a loooong time to dry (a couple of days until it stops gooping), and I hate to wait for paint to dry...



Math03 with finished paint job, utilizing stencils (the aluminum cover from a 1st generation iMac's RAM and processor daughtercard), and silver, bronze, and black spray paint splatter. No electronix yet inserted. Note the clear window that allows viewing of the LED display and circuitry. The circuit board had to be placed in the box diagonally to fit correctly.


Speaker holes drilled and speaker placement inside Mathindex. Note the rubber feet to allow sound to resonate off any hard surface the gadget is placed on.


  Me debuting and debugging Math at index's house, tickling the optical resistor with a cheezy LED light/radio thingee.