The MicroHessian started its life as a Micro Jammer toy. I have added an optical resistor, two rocker-spike human contact resistance points, a silver knob to the potentiometer, and 1/8" output.

I gave it a paintjob resembling Eddie Van Halen's 1984 guitar.

I call it "MicroHessian" because Hessian is what I called heavy metal "rockers" in the 80's.

This is a very versatile gadget, with a wide range of noises, tones, and stupid rockin' guitar loops and jams. The best thing is that it fits in my pocket for annoying noisemaking anywhere!

The raw Micro Jammers are easy to find toys, and this bend was very simple, so many more of these are soon to come...

Here is a shot of MicroHessian in bending progress, exposing its guts.
Completed: 10/22/2003
Dimensions: 8" long
Current Status:

In my pocket

Audio Bits:

MiHessDataCrash.mp3 The chip is very unhappy.
MiHessDroneRupt.mp3 A rupture in the fabric of drone.
MiHessNoiseAlter.mp3 Alternating noise and lo data blips.
MiHessNoiseSpurts.mp3 Spurts of noisy crashy glass.
MiHessNoiseWerks.mp3A machine shop with lasers and neutronic equipment.
MiHessPitchy.mp3 The basic cheezy guitar sounds with pitch control.
MiHessSatellite.mp3 Somehow this tiny little gadget speaks satellite language. Now how do I broadcast?
MiHessSloBlinky.mp3 An example of using a cheap blinkyblinky LED as an optical sequencer.
MiHessVocal.mp3 Sounds like vocals mixed into the noisy guitar...