What can I say?

This is a terrible Staples Easy button ("That was easy!") that I added a 1Meg pot to control pitch way way down until it now sounds really quite interesting, in a grainy, annoying, girl-killer-frequency (you know what I mean...) kind of way.

It was a very simple bend. Removed one resistor (there were only two) and replaced it with the pot. The hard part was fitting it inside the case. I ended up cutting a chunk out of the board that was just ground traces, put in the pot, then jumper wired the ground back together. It all fit nicely after that. And looks good too.

I also painted the base black (it was silver with a Staples logo on the back) and added a 1/8" output.

Neat. And, Easy...



Dimensions: Appx. 3" diameter
Current Status:

On the shelf waiting to drive some girl to drink to excess with its noise. I have another unbent one of these that my 7month old son Ash loves to play with. He gigles every time he leans on it and it says "That was easy!"

Audio Bits:

EasyNorm.mp3 The normal "That was easy." Like on the damn commercial. [less than 0:01]
EasySlo.mp3 A little slower [0:01]
EasyWeird.mp3 Now we're getting a little strange... [0:05]
EasyBugggzzz.mp3 Auughhhhhh!!!!!!! Get them off of meeeeee!!! [0:24]
EasySloBitsLng.mp3 Now we're talking. I took a boring sample that was less than one second, and now with a twist of the knob stretched it out almost to its limit of chunky bits of noisy staccato. And, now it is [6:14] !!!! (Make sure you listen to the end, it goes and goes and goes....)