uniPet Series, Construction

Construction time! Here is a catchall page for construction shots of the uniPet series. Have fun perusing!

The raw Panasonic Panapet 70 AM ball radio.

The Panapet radio guts.

uniPet 00: Static (prototype) guts.

unipet 01: Rust

uniPet 02: Do Little

uniPet 03: Silverman

(Testing with the head of uniPet 04: TradeMark with initial drawing idea)


uniPet 04: TradeMark

This was a packing corner from a shipping box.


Bevelling the edges of the wood base to fit into the oddly tetrahedron-shaped shaped plastic base.

An old 1960's Executair Portable Bar.

Cardboard form around the uniPet.


uniPet 04 was quite a challenge.

The patina turned out really nice, lots of alternating copper and rust patinas with sanding between. I learned a lot about doing patinas throughout this series.

Building the foam box enclosure was nuts. I'd never done an insert like this before, but wanted to have it set into a form-fitting velvet case. I used spray foam insulation and created a cardboard form around the gadget so there wouldn't be any undercuts

It worked out pretty well, but the biggest problem was that since I used saran wrap on the bottom of the case to keep the foam from sticking to the bottom of the box, the foam didn't cure on the bottom (requiring air to cure), remaining liquidy and full of air holes. Once the main part cured enough, I remove the foam from the box, pulled off the saran wrap and waited 24 hours for the rest of the goopy mass to cure. I filled worst of the holes with a few more squirts of foam insulation and used a crafting knife to trim off the worst of the malformed bits so the gadget would fit snug inside. After all the foam was completely set I sprayed the top surface with Super 77 adhesive and pressed the purple velvet into place. Antique brass furniture tacks finished the corners.