The Beat Benders Series: Dreck v.2

Dreck v.2 is based on the Shrek2 version of the Beat Blender music toy, similar to the other one I did. You can find more info about the Beat Blenders in general on the BlingBling page.

It features optical resistor pitch control from reallll slowwww to really fast. Notice the blinkyblinky LED ring attached to the black cable. It's used as an optical sequencer. The switch on the right is for power-cut—it tends to crash if held too close to a light bulb.

Here's the final packaging I did for Dreck v.2. The case was a pencil holder from OfficeDepot that I cut a hole in the top and painted.

The instruction card is pretty much the same as the one for BlingBling, just customized for this one.

Detail of the box with Dreck v.2 in it.

Below, the bottom of the box and a few more views of the gadget.

Completed: 9/11/05
Dimensions: Appx. 6" long
Current Status:

Wafting its malodorous tones at my unsuspecting neighbors.

Audio Bits:

Samples to come...sorry. Patience!!