The Beat Benders Series: RockPower!

Are you READY TO ROCK? This is RockPower! Now, for the first time, and probably the last time, you can rock-out-with-your-cock-out in electronic gadgety style. Or not.

This is based on the Power Rock Beat Blender, the same as the Prototype, but with way more rockin' packaging. It features optical resistor pitch control from reallll slowwww to really fast. Notice the blinkyblinky LED ring attached to the black cable on the right, used as an optical sequencer. The switch on the right is for power-cut—it tends to crash if held too close to a light bulb.

You can find more info about the Beat Blenders in general on the BlingBling page. The instruction card shown here is pretty much the same as the Bling's too, just customized for this one.


This is currently (as of 10/14/05) for sale at RobotSpeak in SF. If you ask nicely, they may let you touch it, play it, and make you a new electronic Rock GOD! (I'm won't be held responsible for any indecent exposure tickets you may get from SFPD because you rocked so hard your pee-tube remained turgid and visible).

Add a guitar strap, and you will get THE BLOW JOB.

UPDATE: The "Pioneer of Trance Music" B T purchased this for his own nefarious purposes. Apparently he felt that he wasn't rocking hard enough. I'm sure he'll rock harder now than ever with RockPower strapped to him!! He also bought my last Opera Daisy (for now) Matter. Cool.

Below find more detailed shots, so I can show off like a big-haired poser.



Completed: 9/11/05
Dimensions: Appx. 6" long
Current Status:

Causing riotous havoc (seven people trampled so far) in Lower Haight because it rocks SO DAMN HARD. Well, you waited too long. B T owns it now! Go cry to your manager...

Audio Bits:

You want it, I know. But I don't got it. Why don't you go trash a hotel room while you wait?