Opera Daisy, Iteration the Third—Anti-Matter

& Opera Daisy, Iteration the Fourth—Matter

Anti-Matter is my first attempt at making an instrument solely to sell. A really great electronic music equipment store in San Francisco, RobotSpeak, has shown interest in selling some of my gadgets.

I decided to start out with the gadget I have made a few editions of: The Opera Daisy series. It will be interesting to see what will happen, if anyone is interested in this irreverent "instrument" at all...

This shot shows Anti-Matter in its box (the box the toy originally came in, with my modifications and improvements).


UPDATE: The Opera Daisy: Anti Matter SOLD! Amazing...It was in their shop only couple of weeks...Neat!

Also, here are some shots of the new owner, crazy musician/noise artist/video game manipulator and Las Vegas resident Ron Rierson!

And, here is a video Ron shot featuring Anti Matter Daisy. Lovely!

Here is a shot of Anti-Matter out of the box. The paintjob turned out very nice: metallic blue pot, leaves of silver & black, and flowers of metallic blue and black with silver stems. And, of course, the CPR dummy replaceable nose and mouth. Yummy.

You can find lots more shots here of Anti-Matter, if you are so inclined.

This one is Matter. I called them Matter and Anti-Matter because they are pretty much the exact opposites of each other color-wise. I made a point of what I painted metallic blue on Anti-Matter I painted silver on Matter, and vice-versa.

I really love the sounds that come out of this thing. And with blinkyblinky LEDs, you have a virtual orchestra of noise at your fingertips!! One thing that's really cool with these gadgets is in addition to using light to change the sound, you can also reach under the leaves and touch the contacts of the optical resistors (I have set them up to be used as human contact resistance points), thereby adding your body's resistance to the mix, and with subtle light touches, get a whole other level of control over the noise.

The weird part is, even though I've mapped the board and duplicated the bends on each gadget, each one responds slightly differently. Strange. Perhaps there are versions of the board that are not apparent...but, all the components on the boards are the same and in the same positions!

UPDATE This one was purchased from Robotspeak by "The Prince of Trance", BT! Wow!

Completed: Anti-Matter: 7/27/04. Matter: 7/28/04
Dimensions: Appx. 12" high
Current Status:

Anti-Matter: Scaring most of metropolitan Los Vegas.

Matter: Scratching up the dancefloors with BT's cutting and mixing.

Audio Bits:

ODMatter04.mp3 , 06 and 10 These are examples of using a blinkyblinky LED as an optical sequencer. Nice bit of noize there!
ODMatter11.mp3 , 16 and 18 are examples of some of the original vocals coming in. "Isn't it a beautiful fjl;aierfqinla vnja-e...."
ODMatter13.mp3, 14, and 15 are great examples of hand-controlled noise vomit, with under the leaf human contact resistance control. 15 is a fine example of the subtle noise variations this gadget is capable of.
And finally, ODMatter17.mp3 is another fine example of some of this gadget's noise potential, with blinkyblinky, hand, and human contact resistance control. Fun!!!