Bend This!, Il Corral, Los Angeles CA, October 22nd, 2005

This show was organized by Xugdef. It was pretty small, but lots of fun. The line-up also included (in addition to Xugdef): Dr. Rek (Derek Sajbel of the Circuit Bending Documentary), Jeff Boynton, Dingis Kahn, and Bent Monkey Cage with OX.


To the right are the gadgets I used: Demon MonKeys, Nice Cube of White Noise, Blue Kaoss Pad, TubbyBox TinyFlaccid Po, Opera Daisy Rust, and the Super Ear Blaster.


Below are shots in action of the Daisy spewing a horrific solo (with OX guffawing in the background), and me blinkyblinky-ing Demon MonKeys.

Here is the show, my portion, in its entirety, broken up into nice little chunks. Tracks, if you will...

Enjoy, and don't wake up the baby!

01 Electron Flow [5:09]
02 Current Into Page [3:29]
03 Current Out of Page
04 Cardboard (or Lucite) [1:38]
05 Lines-Of-Force [1:41]
06 Free Battery [0:59]
07 Right Angles to the Wire [2:00]

Thanks to Rychard Cooper for the pix!