Opera Daisy, Iteration the Fifth—Rust

Rust is the Fifth in the Opera Daisy series.

Another one I built to sell at RobotSpeak in SF, like this one (which has more technical details, as well as here) that has already sold, and Waste which I built simultaneously with Rust.

You can contact RobotSpeak if you are interested in purchasing it, or go to the store and give it a test drive if you are in the Bay Area.
It's fun. You'll like it.


Update: I decided to keep this one. I like it too much. So, currently for sale at RobotSpeak, the last Opera Daisy available, is Matter.


I really like how this one turned out. I used this really amazing two part rusting paint kit (available at your local crafts store, used for faux painting and making your knickknacks and craft projects, as the box states, "...look like a valuable antique!" I don't know about you, but to me, rusted usually doesn't convey "expensive"...)

This version is also a technical improvement over the last iteration. I added an orange LED (near the 1/4" speaker output) that is hooked up to the speaker so it pulses with the noisy output. I also eliminated the powerswitch on the bottom, and now utilize the front toggle switch's center position for power off (and thus, mute).

I also included a blinkyblinky LED ring with this gadget for optical sequencing via the optical resitors in the leaves.

Here's a shot of Rust in it's box. Unfortunately, when I get the original toys (the Dancing Daisy) from ebay, the boxes usually get totally munched, as this one did...bummer. So, I have to do what I can to still make the packaging look as good as possible.

I used the rust paint to drip rust down the sides of the box. It turned out really cool looking!


As always, here are more gratuitous photos of Rust. Enjoy.

Completed: 10/19/04
Dimensions: Appx. 12" high
Current Status:

Rust is sitting noisily among other fellow electronic doodads at RobotSpeak, hoping someone nice will take it home to play with. (Not anymore. It now sits among my other gadgets and gewgaws, and is played with mostly by my 3 year-old son, Fineas).

Audio Bits:

Pretty much the same as the samples here or here, the other Opera Daisies.